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Review and Study Guides 

Second Quarter 2020 (April -June)

Lesson 1: Bible's Unique Impact 

Lesson 2: The Divine Origin and Nature of the Bible + Discussion 

Lesson 3: Jesus and the Apostle's View of the Bible 

Lesson 4: The Bible -the Authoritative Source of Our Theology + Discussion 

Lesson 5: Sola Scriptura  -by Scripture Alone + Group Discussion 

Lesson 6: Why is Interpretation Needed 

Lesson 7: Language, Text, and Context

Lesson 8: Creation, Genesis as Foundation Part 1

Lesson 9: Creation, Genesis as Foundation Part 2

Lesson 10: The Bible as History 

Lesson 11: The Bible as Prophecy 

Lesson 12: Dealing with Difficult Passages 

Lesson 13: Living by the Word of God