2020 has changed the way we connect and who we connect with. A hidden blessing is reconnecting with members who have graduated and moved to another part of the world. And thanks to our virtual meetings we now have a fellowship group that spreads across the United States and across the globe.  To our friends we have yet to meet and the family we haven't seen in a while, we hope you pop in and say hello. 

We temporarily are not meeting together for worship service due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and the stay in shelter order for our area.  We are holding virtual meetings with the video conference tool Zoom:

  • Worship and Prayer Time: Saturdays 11 am (Central Time)
  • Bible Study and Discussion: Saturdays noon (Central Time)


About Us: we  are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. We would love for you to join us for us for Bible study, worship, and prayer. 


What to Expect: we are a laid back small group primarily made up of college students and adults. Our services tend to be informal with singing, group prayer time and bible study discussion.  There is a fellowship potluck meal after each service most weeks with plenty to share.


Worship Service Flow:  Welcome, Song Service, Offering, Family Prayer Time, and Sermon or Bible Discussion. 

During service each week we have a Family Prayer Time. This is where we come together in fellowship as we share our joys and concerns. Each person has the opportunity to share her or his praises or prayer requests and have someone prayer for your concerns right then. 


Worship Service: Saturdays at 11am 


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