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Alter Call DVD Series

A Four-Part Presentation:

  1. A Place Call Sanctuary
  2. A Diamond that is Forever
  3. The Cost of Mercy
  4. Who is Afraid of the Judgement

To many Christians, Christ's prolonged absence since He ascended to heaven is a mystery. But the Bible reveals that He is continuing to save us, and it invites us to get in touch with Him where He is now – in His sanctuary in heaven. By becoming acquainted with what He is doing in the control center of the universe, we can enjoy closer interaction with Him, more fully experience His transforming grace, and have confidence that we are at peace with God. 

The Bible teaches us about God's character and Christ's ministry through the services performed at the sanctuary on earth, where the Lord resided with the ancient Israelites. 

By clearly explaining the meanings of the sanctuary services, Altar Call answers questions that have an enormous impact upon the way Christians relate to God and to salvation through Christ's sacrifice.