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Joy to the World

The last several weeks we have been studying God’s judgement and the Second Coming of Christ. We’ve journeyed through confronting our negative views and fears about what the final judgement is like. We’ve discovered that it full of hope and assurance because it is based on God’s love for us and His goodness. God wants to deliver all of us from the taint and cruelty of sin. He longs to free us from the enslavement of fear and sorrow.

        This is truly as reason for celebration and joy. As we enter the season where we are prompted to reflect on the First Advent, the first coming of Christ, let us also hold joy in our hearts as we yearn for His second advent.

As we sing songs in remembrance and celebration of Christ’s birth let us not forget Joy to the World. A song celebrating the return and reign of our King. He has conquered sin and death. He has come to make His make His creation anew and restore it “as far as the curse is found” (verse 3).

The song describes the final judgement; it is not somber funeral dredge. The whole earth is overflowing with jubilation. Here we find God’s judgement on the world and jubilation together. It might seem weird or even insensitive to put them together, but why? The joy that accompanied the first advent will be out shown by the joy the second.

And we will fully be able to experience His government rule. For “He rules the world with truth and grace,” and all nations will demonstrate “the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love!”