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Connecting Deeper with Christ

God wants a close and dynamic relationship with us. He isn’t looking for some passing acquaintance or mundane and mediocre affiliation.  Intimacy with God is being aware of His presence in a way that stirs us. Connection with God creates a togetherness that changes us at our core; it breathes new life into us and fills our longing hearts with what we are missing. God wants to abide in us so that His healing and joy may caress and strengthen our whole being.

It is out of this union, this abiding with God that opens the way for fellowship and the body of Christ working together to being His hands and feet.



Connecting to God

  • How is God calling you to more fully abide in Christ?
  • What obstacle or obstacles have kept you from time with God?
  • Are there strangleholds behind these obstacles that need to be dealt with or repented of?  (For example, materialism or people-pleasing may be behind busyness.)
  • How many days a week to you have devotional time with God?
  • What is one thing that you would like to do to pray more? 
  • What is the next step in fulfilling this action?


Connecting as a Group with God

  • How many days a week do you pray for other local church members?
  • How much time does your group spend in worship each week?
  • How much times does your group spend in prayer together each week?
  • How often does your group see wonderful and miraculous answers to prayer?